FDA Threatens to ban Flavored E Liquid

Kids and teens indulging in vaping habits at an alarming rate are forcing the US government to come up with strict rules to fight this social complaint. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Authority has issued a warning to five major e-cigarette dealers demanding them to address youth smoking in the next 60 days, or else they may face a ban on sales of e-juices and flavored pods.

The goal of putting up these regulations is to bar underage sales of these new ‘smoking alternatives’, which are proved to contain addictive chemicals like nicotine; a substance known to have negative side effects on brain development.

Scott Gottlieb, the FDA commissioner, claims to have data and statistics which proves a substantial growth in underage sales of these products throughout the US. Initially, the FDA had been lenient over the laws imposed on e-cigarette products in order to help the adult population quit tobacco smoking, but the action back-fired when youth involvement increased. Products like Juul, a USB-sized vape machine, are becoming fashion symbols, especially among these young users.

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