Setting the Standard for Quality in the Vape Industry

Our Process for Quality Control

Quality starts at the beginning. Using industry leading material suppliers in all areas of product design we fulfill our quality promise to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and customers alike. Layered on top of that we have built quality systems and processes to ensure that our product is what your customers deserve… the best.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.



Our products consist of only USP quality VG/PG, GRAS flavorings and industry leading 99.9% pure USP grade nicotine.


Our products are made using platform systems that include elements of quality and fulfillment. Starting at material ordering, to making, and all the way through to shipping.


We stand behind our products and your customer’s satisfaction. Quality checks, redundancies , and approvals allow us that confidence.

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Federal and State Compliance is the name of the game

Child Resistance Compliance

New guidelines from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission state that all e-liquid products provide packaging that meets standards in 16 CFR Part 1700.15. Our product closures meet these standards and have testing results to verify compliance.

Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve what you have to offer

CRC Checklist


Closures have been qualified on product bottles.


Only industry leading suppliers with materials sourced direct from the closure manufactures are used.


General Certificate of Compliance (GCC) are updated and available every month.


Tamper evidence is provided on every bottle closure.

We Track everything from beginning to end

Lot Numbers

According to 21 CFR Part 111, master batch and control records are a key component of Good Manufacturing Practices. How do you control batches and their records? Lot numbers. Which is why The Vapor Studio has gone above and beyond current industry practice when making our products.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility


Every component is known, from the beginning, with trusted suppliers.

Batch Record

Every person, ingredient, packaging component, and transformation that touches our product is recorded.


Lot #

Each batch is unique, with a unique record. Each lot number is printed on every bottle that ships.


Every batch is uniquely qualified, verified, and approved.



Only after quality approval will our product end up in your hands.